David Perrotta shares his secrets for success - Time for success EP. 1

Interview to David Perrotta - The Secrets for success

Hey there! I'm Richard and welcome to the first episode of our "Time for success" series, where we provide you all exclusive inteview from successful people!

Today, we are honored to host a unique person, who decided to quit his 9 to 5 job to pursue his life goals. And guess what? He's now a successful writer (his bestseller sold more than 10 k copies) and he has the freedom to travel all over the world without the fear of losing his job.

Ladies and gents, we are talking about David Perrotta.

Are you curious to discover how he gained his wealth and freedom?

We feel you! That's why we reached him.
We asked him all you need to know in order to be successful, his secrets, his advices for who is just starting and much more!

Let's jump right into the interview!

Interview to David Perrotta

What do you do for a living and why?

I do a mix of things. For me, it’s always good to have a few plates spinning so I have multiple sources of income. That way if one source of income dries up, I’m still covered.

Here are the sources of my income:

  • Amazon Kindle sales (mostly from my book, Conversation Casanova, which has sold nearly 10k copies and counting in 9 months)
  • Copywriting (email marketing, sales pages, long-form content writing)
  • Digital Product sales (from the courses on my site)
  • Skype coaching
  • In-person coaching conferences/events
  • Investing

I can do all of these from anywhere in the world, so my schedule is always flexible. That allows me to live in any country that I choose, go on spontaneous adventures, and make money while I sleep.

Why didn't you choose the simple way, a 9 to 5 job?

I got a bachelor’s degree in accounting, so originally I was set to take on the 9-5 corporate path. But after an internship at an accounting firm and a few other 9-5 cubicle jobs, I quickly realized that wasn’t the life I wanted.

What I really craved was:

  • Freedom
  • Adventure
  • The ability to make an impact
  • A lifestyle of passive income

I didn’t want anyone to be able to “put me in a box”.

With the 9-5 lifestyle, none of those things were really possible - at least not to the full extent.

You can see how I really felt about it from a blog post I wrote nearly 5 years ago:

How to Destroy Your 9 to 5 and Become Your Best Self

This is a heartfelt post written back when I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing with my life. I knew I wanted the type of life I have now, but I just didn’t quite know how to achieve it at that time.

It’s a post a lot of people have vibed with, and it has even inspired others to quit their jobs and pursue a life of freedom and adventure.

When did you decide to change your life?

I decided to change my life soon after college once I realized that the “beaten path” was not the path for me.

I remember one moment specifically: My mom was sick in the hospital and had taken a turn for the worst (she’s okay now!), and they didn’t know if she’d make it. My dad called me to tell me the news, while I was sitting at a cubicle at my job.

I realized at that point how short life really is. I was wasting my time and putting off living the life I truly wanted to live. But at that moment, I knew the time for waiting was over.

I walked out of the office to go the hospital, and I never returned. That was the last day I ever worked a typical 9-5 job.

Did you have a mentor when you started?

There wasn’t one specific mentor. But I made it a point to surround myself with successful people. Back then, I was in a weekly mastermind group with 6 other entrepreneurs from Boston. We’d chat every Sunday, discuss ideas, and make plans for our futures and our businesses.

That mastermind taught me a lot. Then when I moved to Saigon, Vietnam, I immediately plugged into the entrepreneur “digital nomad” community there, filled with international online entrepreneurs. I learned tons from all those people and I’ve traveled the world with some of them afterwards.

That mastermind and my time in Vietnam laid the groundwork for the connections and the success I’ve been able to achieve in the time since. You really are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

How did you start and grow your business?

I started PostGradCasanova around 5 years ago, around the idea that a lot of guys coming out of college had trouble interacting with and dating girls (since the dynamics are a lot different after college).

In the time since, it’s involved into a resource for helping guys flirt and master conversation, internalize winning mindsets, and take complete control of their lives.

It’s been a journey and I definitely wasn’t as consistent as I should have been with the blog for the first few years. But over the last 2 years I’ve kicked it up a notch and really turned it into a go-to website for men looking to improve their dating lives (and their lives in general).

Here are some of the big things that have helped me grow the business:

  • Writing long-form content targeting SEO keywords (this has gotten me tons and tons of traffic)
  • Going viral on Reddit over and over again
  • Launching products the right way
  • Creating the Conversation Casanova book which was a big turning point
  • Staying consistent

Do you think you achieved success? If yes, what's your secret for it?

I’ve definitely achieved some level of success in that I have a lifestyle I love, I’m surrounded by awesome people, I’m making good money, and I have complete freedom over my time.

That being said, there are always more levels of success, and I still have a long way to go in a lot of areas.

But as for a secret? It really is all about the process, as well as knowing in the back of your mind that you’re going to make it happen.

Back when I first started, everybody doubted me. Hell, I lived at home for nearly a year and people called me a loser, questioned my sanity, and looked down on me. It wore on me quite a bit, and I definitely had some rough periods.

But I always knew I’d make it happen. I knew I was going for the risky path that most people would never take, and I knew I had to leave my ego at the door. But I also knew that if I could survive and make it out the other side, I’d have a life that most people dream of.

This is not an easy journey, so it’s no wonder most people don’t take it. Know that difficulties and challenges will come and they’ll hit you hard - but there’s always a way to overcome them.

Do you have an advice for who is just starting?

A lot of the advice I have boils down to what I wrote in this post:

Don’t “Do What You Love.” Do THIS Instead

Most people don’t take into account the lifestyles they really want when choosing what to do with their lives. They try and “do what they love” but then realize the lifestyle doesn’t align with their values, and they even start to hate the thing they once loved.

Instead, you should:

  • Determine your desired lifestyle (for me, that was freedom, wealth, health, and great relationships)
  • Figure out how to fit your passions into that lifestyle (writing is a big passion of mine, which first perfectly into me writing books and blogging)
  • Be willing to sacrifice up front. Like I said, it won’t be easy, especially in the beginning. Be willing to take an ego hit in order to set yourself up for long-term success. I promise you it’ll be worth it.

Other than this, I also suggest looking at life as a game. Sure, you can take the safe route, but that doesn’t make the game fun. Instead, why not experiment, go all out, and see what awesome things you can build, accomplish, and experience?

And finally, for a step-by-step guide to achieve a location-independent lifestyle, check out this post:

How to Quit Your Job and Achieve Freedom

I know in the last year you wrote a book, tell us a bit about it...

Yes - the book is called:

Conversation Casanova: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations and Flirt Like a Pro

In it, you’ll learn how to talk to girls and get them attracted, how to start conversations, how to flirt, and a lot more.

You’ll also learn the most important mindsets you need to succeed with women as well as in life in general.

I truly feel like there’s no other book quite like this out there. I cut the BS and give it to you straight.

Where can people reach you?

You can reach me at my website, PostGradCasanova.com.

You can also tweet at me @gradcasanova, and hit me up on Instagram @gradcasanova as well.

And as a thank you for reading this interview, I’m giving you access to my free video series where I teach you about flirting, conversation, and the conversation mistakes you absolutely need to avoid. Click the link below to get access!

Get Instant Access to My Free Video Course on Conversation and Flirting



Thank you for reading the interview, and a huge thanks to David Perrotta who accepted to answer our questions, he's a true leader!

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    The licenses are based on the type of enterprise exercise.

    Beneath each situation envisioned so far,
    the current license holders will automatically be eligible to grow and sell
    pot merchandise for an exponentially bigger affected person base in Florida, which experts predict
    could shortly change into one of many nation’s biggest
    markets. Over the previous 12 months, there was an increase in patient functions for the Medical Cannabis Program.
    A marijuana enterprise could resolve to surrender its license at any time.
    In the event you think your common doctor would be prepared to authorize a marijuana license, the easiest factor to do is probably to visit her or him.
    As of Monday, 8,972 patients had been licensed by their doctors to take medical marijuana for his or her illnesses, in line with the DOH.

    The processing of functions takes time, and the identical workers
    who evaluation your software additionally answer the telephones.

    Now I know why they are saying good things about MMJDOCTORONLINE.
    Licenses for marijuana businesses can be found
    on a limited basis. ODC prefers digital lodgement by way
    of safe internet-based application varieties (once available).
    The expiration date is listed on it. Additionally, talk with the Licensed Non-Profit Producer ( LNPP ) where
    you purchase drugs. Upon submission of a accomplished application for a new medical marijuana enterprise license, an inspection card can be issued that describes the right way to schedule inspections for all relevant agencies.

    A set course of exists for easy methods to get medical
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    Once you’ve got talked to your physician about medical marijuana
    and have obtained certification from a licensed physician, the following step is getting registered.
    The applicant or any individual from whom the applicant acquired a retail marijuana business failed to fulfill one or more of the
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    Simply because you’ve gotten acquired your card, this does not offer you limitless freedom to own as
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    Subsequently, those individuals who possess a Medical Marijuana
    Card, as a consumer, in Michigan as a person may not legally buy or own a handgun or ammunition. Dispensary
    applicants are required to pay a $75,000 licensing price to the Health Division inside
    seven days of receiving written discover of their choice. We provide our members with the knowledge they should know,
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    This Act put into legislation that folks in Michigan who
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    Revenues generated by fees will go to the program for enhancements and staffing, however $a hundred,000 of the income can be paid again to the
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    We’re no longer in between your card and the DOH, hence, we’ll no longer test on the whereabouts of cards,
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    In this first installment of Perfectly Blunt, we’ll tell you the best way to get your Arizona Medical Marijuana Program
    ID. The process is relatively simple and, including the state fee of $75 to $a hundred
    and fifty, will value you an average of $300. The awarding of more licenses
    can be a dramatic enlargement of the state-run program lower than a yr after its inception. Listed under
    is a step-by-step information for helping prospective medical marijuana sufferers get a
    medical marijuana card in Arizona. The committee, appointed by the governor
    and legislative leaders, makes recommendations on learn how to management and regulate the industry.

    The state intends to license 5 dispensary and grower licenses from amongst their
    pool of applicants. When Proposition 215
    and the California Senate Bill 420 had been established in the state of California, all medical doctors with a California medical board
    license grew to become able to advocate marijuana for medical
    use to any patients affected by medical situations that are treatable with
    hashish. Hundreds of Canadians are federally
    licensed to possess and use medical marijuana anyplace
    in Canada. Pursuant to Part 5.90.070 of the Long Beach Municipal Code, Non-Precedence medical marijuana dispensary candidates shall be awarded licenses primarily based
    on the Precedence Point Rating System, in descending order from highest to lowest points.

    I used to be extremely stunned that the doctor relayed details
    about my pain than my normal physician. Please observe: The dates listed on this
    section replicate these specified in the regulation and are
    for informational purposes solely. Medical Marijuana Providers(MMS) supplies Canadians Over the age
    of 20 with entry to our Staff of Compassionate Docs that will aid you receive medical marijuana below
    Well being Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Laws (MMPR) system.
    There’s at present no utility deadline for these license functions.

    Getting a medical marijuana card in California is extra progressive-there is no such thing as a denying that.

    The Metropolis of Colorado Springs moratorium on new Medical Marijuana (MMJ) license
    and Change of Location applications expires on Might 25,
    2017. We’re glad to assist patients start the process of obtaining their MMJ Card for renewal.

    Medical Marijuana Playing cards are issued by a state or county
    during which medical hashish is recognized. The Department of Health is extending enrollment intervals by up to 60 days for medical
    hashish patients whose cards expire between June 15 and December 31,
    2016. The fee, hoping to realize geographic diversity, removed two companies that had ranked among the many prime 15 candidates in a double-blind research, and as an alternative awarded preliminary licenses to decrease-ranked

    In the event you don’t have a valid e-mail tackle,
    the system will present a brief e-mail tackle to your doctor, which he or she will
    present to you for purposes of completing your registration utility.
    For a complete record of qualifying situations and guidelines,
    please consult with the Nevada Medical Marijuana Program , or atone for the newest Nevada
    hashish news. Along with the required charges, candidates will need to submit a
    accomplished Medical Marijuana Enterprise Modification of
    Premises Software , along with all required supporting paperwork.
    If a registered cardholder applicant names a provider on their application and
    that person will not be an authorised supplier/MIPP, the accepted patient will receive a
    card with no named supplier.

    This figure is real misplaced taxpayers dollars, as functions and licensing fees are paid in full earlier than an organization makes or sells its first product.
    Conditional use permits are obtained by means of the town’s Planning Commission, which entails making an application that features particulars in regards
    to the proposed location for the enterprise, and having a public listening to during which residents can testify about whether your software should
    be authorized. We identified and connected with the major owners and
    operators of medical cannabis amenities, ancillary businesses, activists
    and traders.

    Transporters that can ship products from a dispensary to a affected person or caregiver.
    However since most people cannot grow their own medical marijuana, they get it from a collective, generally called a
    dispensary, which function from non-public residences and public storefronts.

    Cersosimo mentioned the applicants will vary from people with lots of
    money or land who don’t know so much about the market to businesses that had been denied licenses for varied causes in other states.
    Lawmakers did not approve laws to carry out the constitutional amendment through
    the session that ended earlier this month, probably bolstering
    Van Laningham’s really useful order, which under administrative regulation must return to the department
    for ultimate action. http://cabitron.com/index.php/component/k2/itemlist/user/691863

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